The purchase of my PT Cruiser!

Right from the beginning that the PT Cruiser was for sale in the Netherlands, I was madly in love with that car. At that moment I had only just purchased a new Renault Scenic, also a very fine car.

When negotiating the purchase I got a ridiculously low trade-in price for the Renault and the delivery of the PT Cruiser was about a year. For these reasons, I then decided to postpone the purchase.

In March of 2003 my wife Mieke needed another car and at that moment there was a special offer from the Volkswagen/Audi dealership near our hometown. We went there and bought a Ford Ka. At the time the deal was made and Mieke got more information about the Ka, I went to see what cars they had.

And YES, there was my dream: a black PT Cruiser Limited automatic, from 2001!!

Because I had the Renault not with me and therefore no trade-in price could be made, I went back the next day and the deal was quickly made.

The PT Cruiser was mine!

It had a lot of extras, namely:

He was lowered with 4 centimeter
An electric sunroof
Dual exhaust
The bumpers were painted


A lot of extras? Did I know!.

Now I know now that there are many more possibilities for a PT Cruiser to adjust to your liking.
Again and again you will find new things, new accessories, you're never finished.

For a list of changes I've done to date, see adjustments.

GertJan van den Berg