I am (also) a member of the English club PT Cruiser, Cruisers UK and I am daily on their forum.

In April 2009 there was this trailer offered by a member from Scotland.
He had purchased this trailer in 2004 as a kit in America and at high cost send to to Scotland!
After a long search for the right rear lights and the appropriate PT wheels, he has the trailer spraypainted in the same color as his PT, Inferno Red!

Due to circumstances he had to sell PT but the buyer was not interested in the trailer.
Through the forum, I contacted the seller and I bought the trailer unseen on April 23, 2009!
The seller did bring the trailer in August to the annual meeting, Picnic In The Park In England.
I am goning to that meeting since 2008 and there he handed the trailer to me.

The first thing I did was ofcourse have it sprayed black and after that some more modifications!.

Because I have not used the blacktrailer a lot lately, I decided to sell it. One of Cruisin's club members took it over from me on 23 June 2018. Below is one of the last photos of my combination that I had a lot of fun with.