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Compilation gala's

This page, photo albums, is divided into 4 categories!


These are meetings of both PT Cruiser clubs and other clubs, Old Timer meetings, tuning meetings, and retro meetings at home and abroad!


These are brides and grooms driven by me.
Mainly in the Netherlands but also a few in Belgium


With Our PT Cruiser Club PT Mania we regularly have these days when we maintain our PT's. In the Black Cruiser we already replaced the head gasket and all original rubbers replaced by Hyperflex rubbers!


After many years of searching, he is located and found in an old barn (Barn).
The only connection was the name blackcruiser. How did that cruiser get there now and who is the blackcruiser now.
All registers were searched and after much research has become clear through info from an old site of cruiser club west Netherlands, that this cruiser was once the parade horse of the club. That this cruiser has survived for so long is partly due to a bunch of furious key-players in that club and an owner who has spoiled his cruiser by occasionally reassembling bling bling in a suitable manner.
After a nationwide call it turns out that this cruiser has had a lot of national reputation, and has already transported a lot of brides and grooms, but has also transported a lot of female beauty (young ladies) in the backseat to many school parties and graduation galas.
who was the driver of that cruiser who was on many pictures
Many photo's came to the editors and the old glory of the blackcruiser came into its own. Both of the cruiser and owner (driver) was now the story known and the cruiser with all info is now widely surveyed and seen in a large car museum. Turns out that the cruiser in a distant past has been there regularly at shows but often only stood at the entrance. But now restored in the middle of a place of honor. Many old cruiser fans have already admired him with all the beautiful pictures and are happy with this one and only BLACKCRUISER

editorial Tilburg newspaper
dated January 2075.
(thanks to Jack)


CTN 15 2018

Boxtel May 2017

Rosmalen october 2016

Interview Frankrijk

Rapper clip

In movies/series

Modesto 2003

PITP 2009

PITP 2010

PITP 2011

PITP 2012

PITP 2014

Wagnerplein 2021

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